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Join NiUG Asia Pacific to invest in your company’s future.

Membership with NiUG Asia Pacific includes all membership benefits of NiUG International. For more information on Membership visit "Why be a member" or email us.

There are three membership options:

Organisational Membership

For associations/organisations who own and operate iMIS systems including but not limited to; professional and trade associations, philanthropic organisations, and association management companies.

Organisational membership fees are based on how many licensed users the association/organisation has for iMIS; All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.

User Licences Fees (inc GST) 
 iMIS 100 & 200 users   $115.00
 1   $115.00
 2  $165.00
 3  $195.00
 4  $225.00
 5  $345.00 
 6 - 10  $495.00
 11 - 20  $645.00
 21 - 30  $795.00
 31 - 40  $975.00
 40 or more  $1145.00

Join Now - Organisational Member

Associate Membership

For authorised iMIS solution providers or authorised iMIS consultants.

Associate membership fees are $660.00 pa (inc GST)

Join Now - Associate Member


Vendor Membership

Limited to persons or firms that offer products or services to the NiUG community that do not otherwise qualify for associate membership.

Vendor membership fees are $660.00 pa (inc GST)

Join Now - Vendor Member

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